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Sunday 5 July 2015

Carina's Crafts: Carina Rego PROFILE

I'm really proud to post this post.

Carina Rego is my friend; we've been buddies since we were 12.

This very talented woman has been creating birthday cards and notes and crafting up all sorts of wonderful things for decades! I'd give a simple store-bought card for birthdays; Carina would create something with a theme, and fancy fonts, and hand-stitched craftiness, stitched on with love.

All of us have encouraged her to keep creating, reach for the stars, but it's not like she needed any convincing… and Carina's Crafts was born.

I asked her why she loves to create and how it makes her feel.

"I love seeing something that I have pictured or created in my head come to life. I love making for others. I love teaching and sharing crafty knowledge," says Carina.

"I feel happy, at ease, relaxed when creating craft. I feel like I need to craft everyday, whether it's 'researching' on Pinterest, coming up with new ideas or projects or actual production, it's kinda my oxygen."

And Brother Australia agree.

Here is the announcement from Brother Australia about a huge comp they were running:

Drum Roll…A huge CONGRATULATIONS to C.Rego, our lucky grand prize winner of our #BrotherInspirescompetition! Her wonderful re-creation of Handmade Kids' inspirational banner is sure to make you smile smile emoticonWe absolutely love the miniature additions made to the banner, such a fantastic idea! We hope your new inspirational sewing space valued at over $12,000 will keep you busy crafting and creating many more #inspiring projects! We’re overwhelmed with all the wonderful entries we've received and we hope you all had as much fun creating them as we have had looking through them.

And the post about her prizes and how it's all coming along:

Furniture √ Accessories √ Styling √ …it’s all slowly coming together for our lucky #BrotherInspires winner, C.Rego! Interior stylist Briar Stanley of Sunday Collector has been working with C.Rego to put together the #inspirational sewing/craft studio of her dreams! Here’s a sneak peak of the ideas flowing and the minimalist chic style that they are looking to go with for Carina’s #craft room. We can’t wait to see the final result! Stay tuned for the more…#moodboard

You can follow Carina's Crafts on Facebook here.

And on Instagram here.

And on Pinterest here.

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