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Monday 13 July 2015

Nonna Paola Interviews Joe Manganiello: VIDEOS


Nonna Paola was at the 'Magic Mike XXL' red carpet movie premiere last week in Sydney, as a guest of KIIS 101.1 Melbourne radio, who are big fans of the inimitable Nonna P. (See here for their past fun collabs). And Josie's Juice caught up with her, too. Here is our selfie, standard now every time we meet up:

We are HUGE fans of Nonna Paola, given we have come to know Nonna P and Greg so well in the past few months, we totally get her humour, have covered all her viral videos and collabs with brands, and generally we just bloody love her! Because she's as genuine as they come. Nonna P has a big heart, and clearly, a funny bone too!

Here are the very funny clips with Nonna Paola interviewing the gorgeous Joe Manganiello, who is obviously very clued into the whole Nonna Paola phenomenon, seeing as his heritage is southern Italian also (Nonna P hails from Calabria, Joe's background is Sicilian - yesss, go the Sicilians - we rock!). We think he's very gracious and giving in the interview, and absolutely LOVE how he stays silent while she gives marriage and life advice. That's our Nonna P for you! Joe… we hope you are reading this. You kinda rock! And we love how KIIS 101.1 know good talent when they see it. Nonna as radio correspondent - who woulda thought? But, she owns it, bless.

Here are the videos, and scroll down for more on Nonna P, and a collab we are in involved in with Nonna, for a good cause:

Josie's Juice and 'The Wog With The Grog' are promoting two events to raise funds for Alzheimer's Australia, Nonna Paola's charity of choice:

And the other event we are hosting:

Book now!

Here are some screen grabs from the Joe and Nonna P interviews. She is brilliant!

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