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Sunday 5 July 2015

'The Bachelor' 2015 Women: PHOTO + VIDEO

The new 'Bachelor' for the 2015 edition of 'The Bachelor' Australia is here and his name is Sam Wood.

And here… are all the women! The women vying for Sam's heart all appeared in today's The Sunday Telegraph - here is a snap of that:

Give it time… they will be seen everywhere!

Here is a close up photo of all the Victorian women, as they appeared in today's Herald Sun.

And… Sam, 34, has a TV sex ban, and said he won’t be getting down on bended knee either. NOPE.
Read his whole first interview since being named as The Bachelor here.
He said in the interview he’s never even seen the show (what!)

AND: watch his slightly perve-y preview clip on this link.

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