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Sunday 19 July 2015

'Super Green Smoothies' + Oster FitBlend = Perfection: Sally Obermeder, Maha Koraiem book

You know about the green smoothie global revolution, but have you seen a book with glorious photography, a friendly tone, super-easy recipes, and… two gorgeous sisters, who have as genuine a love for what they have trialled, drunk, and thoroughly enjoyed as they do for each other.

Voila, this is that book!

'Super Green Smoothies' is here, and it's written by the beautiful inside-and-out Sally Obermeder and equally divine and lovely sister Maha Koraiem.

This book can change how you approach good heath, nutrition, weight loss, great skin, and increased energy, as well as turn on its head what is deemed tasty AND healthy (hint: whirring up frozen bananas and adding green kale produces a much better tasting drink than you can ever imagine.

Here is Sally and Maha:

These girls truly know their stuff. And they set 30 day challenges (hop on their fun and motivational adventure and feel invigorated and supported) each month. The possibilities for variations to drink up are seemingly endless.

And the fabulous new book cover:

I will say right here that for me, I knew that the best experience I could get from this book was knowing I could kick it off on the right foot by having the right equipment.

The girls are absolutely right though - use what you already own.

Agreed. But for me, I'd dipped my toe into the green drink arena before and I had a juicer which didn't quite do the trick. Actually, it waned my enthusiasm like that. It was hard to use, messy, and left all the good stuff in the machine, and therefore needed a of fruit and veg to extract a small amount of juice.

I'd seen the new Oster entering the Australian market very recently and I was immediately interested in it… yes, okay model Robyn Lawley made me do it.

Have you see the ad? Robyn has a lovely, warn and genuine manner about her which shows she's a genuine fan. Here it is:

Okay, so you can see why I had to get to know the Oster immediately. The mini one on the side at the end of the ad won my heart though… I knew my new companion had to be small and no biggie (in every way) to pull out from the cabinet, or have on my bench.

Enter the Oster Fit Blend Personal Blender:

It is kinda my little dream machine.

I know, I know. It's a blender!

But really, it's my little life saver. Armed with my 'Super Green Smoothies' tome (incidentally, it is also on iTunes right here… and it's top of the pops!) and my Oster FitBlend, I can't tell you how many times I am juuuust about to hit the road sans brekkie (a bad habit which is mostly gone, but sometimes lingers) and I seriously grab my Oster, chuck some frozen fruit and soy milk, and some extras my magic book recommend I add, and I am good to go.

Here's the thing: you must be prepared. Sally and Maha know that to be successful in the smoothie revolution (even if it's an occasional blend up) you have to have the right artillery on hand (I know, I make it sound like I am going to war).

And so, right from the beginning, I have frozen everything in my freezer. Do you even know they now sell frozen avocado pieces? And mango bits? YES, they do! Right alongside the usual suspects: berries of every sort.

More about the Oster:

Designed with fitness in mind, this compact and powerful Oster Fitblend personal blender features a soft grip rubber wrap and handle, perfect for attaching to the gym bag or bike for fresh drinks on-the-go.

Featuring a powerful 350 watt motor and two BPA-free plastic sports bottles, the Oster FitBlend is able to crush ice easily and beverages are blended directly in the bottle. Just fill, blend, pop on the spill-proof lid and go.

Oster Brand Ambassador and Australian model, Robyn Lawley said the Oster FitBlend Personal Blender offers all the power you need in a compact, convenient blender.

“The Oster FitBlend is the perfect choice for athletes and those wanting a super quick and easy way to look after their health by making fresh smoothies and protein shakes in seconds,” Lawley said.

“A personal-size blender allows you to make a manageable size of your favourite drink in seconds. The FitBlend even blends in the same bottle that you use for drinking.”

“The Oster FitBlend is so simple to use – just drop in your favourite fresh ingredients like kale, berries and coconut water, pop on the blades, blend and go! And, it can even crush ice for an icy-cold refreshing smoothie.”

“The specially designed sports bottle is great to throw into your bag before a workout. It has a spill-proof lid that's super secure, has a handy carry loop for hooking onto your bike or gym bag and fits in most car cup holders.”

“Now that I’m a busy mum, trying to balance my family, career and health, my Oster FitBlend is my go-to for making it fresh in seconds when I’m on the go.”  

The Oster FitBlend Personal Blender features:
-      Powerful 350 watt motor
-      BPA-Free* 600ml, dishwasher-safe plastic sports bottle. One-Touch Blending
-      Quick & convenient blending action. 2 Reusable BPA-Free* Bottles Included
-      Specially designed sports bottles with non-slip grip and carry loop for easy drinking on-the-go.
-      Spill-Proof drinking lid with lid lock for mess-free drinking
-      Ergonomically designed with a wide drinking spout for extra comfort.
-      12 months warranty
The Oster Fitblend Personal Blender can be found in Harvery Norman stores and online.

The heritage of the Oster blender can be traced right back to the first blender ever invented by Stephen J. Poplawski in 1922 in America. Since then the brand has evolved drastically, earning its status throughout American, gracing the kitchens of thousands of homes, and finally earning the grand

The Oster brand aims to show you how easy it is to make a difference to your health and wellbeing, simply by discovering new ways to transform fresh ingredients into nutritious food and drinks at home. Each product in the Oster range holds the perfect blend of power, performance and results to help you make it fresh every day.

Follow them on Instagram @osteraustralia and use this hashtag #makeitfresh


RRP is $79.95

Stockists: Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne.

'Super Green Smoothies' is available now on paperback, and on iTunes (see link below). It's basically a must-own fro those who are into wellbeing.

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