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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Belle Gibson: 60 Minutes - VIDEO

Belle Gibson has been interviewed by 60 Minutes Australia's Tara Brown, and the interview will be shown this Sunday.

UPDATED: all of part one of the interview is here.

Here is a preview - click on this link.

And a much longer preview here:


Here is reporter and interviewer on this story Tara Brown, and her assessment of Belle post-interview. Click here for that link.

Have you followed the Belle Gibson story?

She wrote a book and developed an app called 'The Whole Pantry', with the focus on wellness and health after he cancer diagnosis. Turns out… Belle never had cancer. Here is a catch up link.

Channel Nine has allegedly paid $45,000 to Belle for the '60 Minutes' interview, and Belle received more than $1 million from her loyal followers who paid $3.79 for her app, which was endorsed by Apple, and was due to appear on the Apple Watch (which is, of course, now released and Belle's app has been scrapped).

The success of the app resulted in a book deal with book giant Penguin and a promised $300,000 donation to charity, which never happened - that was what set the whole course of events off, and lead to the exposing of the Belle Gibson story.

Check back in here for the whole interview link via Jump-in.

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