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Tuesday 16 June 2015

'Hot Girls Wanted' Netflix Documentaries: VIDEO

If you already a Netflix user, you'd be a fan of Netflix for your own different reasons.

Even those of you who haven't experienced it yet (seriously, do it. You won't regret it. You also may not leave the house and become a total hermit, which sometimes, just sometimes… is not a bad thing) and have done your research KNOW that it's quality TV and LOTS of it.

Whenever you want, on any device, exactly where you paused it last, and picked it up again on another device. For someone with a short attention span like me, who needs to be excited about something I am doing or working on all the time, this is the perfect way to watch TV.

For some, it's binge-city: finally watching all the shows you've been dying to watch. 'Mad Men'. Any Chris Lilley series. All of Ricky Gervais's stuff, including the incredible series 'Derek' (only Ricky can serve up a series set in a nursing home and have it be unexpectedly funny and dark and moving and SO unique).

Or you can revisit all your fave shows, and gorge in one go on all the good stuff. Me, I need breaks. Lots of them. Way too much happening at any one time, blogging to do, work to do, you know, kids to raise.

For me, now that I have Netflix I suddenly get enough of all the docos.

I watched 'The Queen Of Versailles' after reviewing it when it was first released, and became instantly hooked watching it again. Gosh, the adage mo' money, mo' problems is relevant here.

I have 'Fat Sick and Nearly Dead' (parts one and two - I didn't know there was a part two!) lined up in my 'favourites' list.

'Hot Girls Wanted' - just… wow. The exclusive-to-Netflix doco on the porn industry, specifically the amateur porn industry, and what really happens, how the young women are recruited, how long they last in the industry, and candid, raw interviews with the girls and the 'recruiters'.

It all makes for uncomfortable but strangely engaging viewing.

That 'Latina Abuse' video clip? Disturbing, and bloody horrible. Imagine young men watching that and thinking it's normal. YIKES.

The stat on the doco: in 2014, abuse porn websites averaged over 60 million combined hits per month.

The stats on porn clicks in general are quite incredible.

Like this one: more people visit porn sites each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

Here, some screenshots from the opening scene of the doco:

The scene where a mother confronts her daughter after she discovers her child's is exchanging a life of sex in exchange for money… confronting, and as real as it gets.

The scene where the girl is finishing off a sex scene and is later shown talking about "that last part, I hated", and in the doco describes being "terrified" and "I didn't know what to do."

Here is the doco blurb:

"A cinema verite look at the disturbing exploitative world of amateur porn." - LATimes. An official 2015 Sundance selection, Hot Girls Wanted shines a light on the thriving "amateur" porn industry through the experiences of five young women in the business. 
Produced by Rashida Jones, Hot Girls Wanted is only on Netflix.

Here is the trailer:

Netflix is worth getting just for the exclusive content. Too many to list here. So easy to access. Click here for more.

Josie's Juice is part of the 'Stream Team' blogger team for Netflix Australia New Zealand.

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