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Tuesday 16 June 2015

Belly Button Challenge: VIDEOS + PHOTOS

Oh dear.

Look away, impressionable young people.

The latest (and dumbest?) way to 'test' your skinniness is

The 'belly button challenge'.

Since being posted on Chinese social media on Wednesday (on 'Weibo', the Chinese microblogging service, kinda like a Twitter), it has been viewed more than 170 million times and thousands of users have uploaded photos of themselves taking on the challenge.
It's yet another 'thinspiration' trend off the back of thigh gap and bikini bridge.

The premise: if you can touch your belly button by reaching around behind your back, you're 'skinny'. If not you need to lose weight. SAD.

Here are some compile videos:

The original photo for the Belly Button challenge. Photo: Weibo
Weibo user DJ Lou snow. Photo: Weibo

This boy got the name “game terminator” after posting this photo.

He then later admitted the photo was faked with help from a friend. “I just wanted to prove that fat people can do it too!” the caption reads.

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