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Monday 1 June 2015

'Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Challenge': VIDEOS

Move over, the Ice Bucket Challenge. A new 'challenge' has arrived.

It's the 'Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Challenge.'


Somehow, in this 'message', is the plea for those who upload a video to also donate to Breast Cancer Research Center.

Taking off in Europe, behind this YouTube campaign is Elite Talent Referral, an adult entertainment talent scouting agency - but they DO encourage you to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation reached out to Esquire.com to clarify that the organisation does not support this campaign, does not have any additional information about it on its website, and does plan on accepting any donations from this campaign.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook here.

And yes… here are the videos:

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