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Monday 22 June 2015

‘Samantha X Angels’: Amanda Goff's Escort Agency

Samantha X, the now famous sex worker and author from Sydney, has spoken to Newscorp about what she's up to next… and it involves opening an escort agency.

Her real name is Amanda Goff, and she's a former journalist, and when she revealed her double life last year in her book, 'Hooked: The Salacious Secrets Of Samantha X', the world went a little nuts: the backlash against the single mum was huge.

Today, Amanda is in a new relationship, and she's opening a small boutique escort agency, which will be called 'Samantha X Angels', where only ten women will be hired.

Amanda is currently holding auditions (tomorrow!), and told Newscorp that she hadn't even seen photos of the women she's interviewing, because men will book 'women who can hold a conversation, not women who look like supermodels'.

She says: “These are intelligent women and it’s not about how you look. Be the best you can be, obviously, but we underestimate men as a whole. “What they’re really craving is intimacy and romance”.

She has been inundated by emails after her book release mainly from women who want her to know that she had inspired them. Josie's Juice has received some correspondence after posting the blog on Samantha X last year, asking us to connect them with her, which we did.

She continues in the interview: “For some reason, my story has triggered something. I think the fact that I’m educated, professional, normal, that’s challenged a lot of people’s perceptions about what it means to work in this industry."

And finally, she adds: “I am in the business of empowering women, not exploiting them.”

Go the hyperlink above to read the whole interview.

To see Amanda/Samantha's original interview, including her interview with Sunday Night, and her filmed radio interview with Kyle and Jackie O, click here.

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