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Monday 29 June 2015

Belle Gibson: Petition To Pay Money To Cancer Research

This just in.

A petition regarding Belle Gibson has just gone live.

Started tonight by Stefanie Spinks, after the '60 Minutes' Belle Gibson interview by Tara Brown, here is what she says:

Belle Gibson is playing us for fools - she fed us false claims of cancer survival, a neglected childhood and the healing powers of organic foods. Now she continues to obtain money off her fraudulent lies - with 60 minutes paying her a reported $45,000 in an interview to air this Sunday.
Countless loved ones have lost their lives to cancer - having fought their honest battle with legitimate grace. But Belle Gibson was a fake who took our honest money to hear her “inspiring story”, promising $300,000 would be donated to cancer charities - but not one charity received a cent from her.
What’s more Belle has managed to avoid being charged by the Victorian Police and now continues to make money off the back of her dishonesty & fraud. It just disgusts me - to promote herself on this falsehood is unthinkable, hurtful and deeply offensive to legitimate cancer sufferers.
By accepting $45,000 for her interview, Belle is sending the message that people can profit off stealing, lying and taking advantage of peoples good intentions.
Belle, it may be impossible for you to undo the damage your lies created, but you can certainly start at charity donations. I am calling on you, Belle Gibson to donate the money received for the 60 minutes interview to cancer research, putting it on public record how sorry you are to those you hurt.

Sign the petition here.

Photo: screenshot 60 Minutes, from change.org

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