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Thursday 11 June 2015

Samantha X / Amanda Goff: Life As a High-Class Escort 'This Morning' VIDEO

Samantha X, the escort who wrote a book called 'Hooked' and appeared on Australian TV in the 'Sunday Night' interview (scroll down down for that link) is talking about her life and career, is in her native UK

She appeared the British ITV show called 'This Morning', talking to Amanda Holden and Gok Wan.

Samantha (real name Amanda Goff), 40, said she sees herself as 'mentor' for other young aspiring prostitutes and is in the process of setting up an escort academy (see video below).

She also described her job akin to that of a therapist (video below also).

“‘What I’ve learnt is that children don’t need their parents to have a good job, like in banking, what they need is your time,”‘ Samantha told 'This Morning'.

'They know mummy’s written a book about sex and we’ve left it at that,' she said. 'But when the questions come I will answer them with sincerity and integrity.

Samantha X's entire interview clips here:

To see Samantha's original TV interview with Sunday Night and her radio interview with Kyle & Jackie O, click here.

Amanda/Samantha as she appeared on 'This Morning'

Amanda/Samantha as she appeared in her website

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