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Monday 22 June 2015

'Married At First Sight': Couples Who Stayed Together

And so… 'Married At First Sight'.

Zoe and Alex are staying together - and they want to adopt children.

Zoe herself was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia, her birth country.

Updated: two months later, they are still together and they have indeed adopted… a new fur baby, dog Winston.

This is what she said before leaving the home for the last time before the decision:

And at the decision making time, where they both said "I do…" again.

Michelle and James:

They stay together… huh?

Update: Michelle says they continued the relationship for a few weeks. And now… they have broken up. James looks heartbroken - he ha to stop speaking to camera, obviously upset that the relationship is now over.

With reports that she has already married someone else, it looks like that is true after all.

Clare and Lachlan

They do stay together!

Updated: two months later, they are still together, Clare looks to have moved to the farm (?), and they are happy and planning their future together.

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