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Tuesday 7 May 2013

"Being a success is lonely and so joyless. I wish I was mediocre like my friends": Amy Molloy

Australian editor and now freelance writer Amy Molloy (her last fulltime gig was as editor at Grazia Australia magazine) has written a piece on how being a successful has been so "lonely and joyless", and wishing she was "mediocre like my friends."

She wrote the piece for www.dailymail.co.uk which is renowned for stirring controversy (remember the Samantha Brick story?) on how "Being successful is torturous. It’s isolating - you lose weekends, holidays and (if you’re not careful) your social life.

"Some people can struggle to be around the super-successful. They think I’m looking down on them and maybe sometimes, subconsciously, I am.

"My very high standards are not limited to my professional life."

She does, however, concede a life fuelled by ambition is 'one-dimensional' and 'boring'.

She says: "Now that I’m a freelance writer, my ambitions have no boundaries. When I was an editor and woke up in the middle of the night with a brainwave, I forced myself to go back to sleep, knowing I couldn’t act until I got into the office the next morning.

Now I can work any time — and I do. Even my husband, who is usually so understanding, complains that I spend the entire week locked in my office at home.

It’s rare that I have genuine fun and the closest I get to relaxing is reading a magazine for research. I watch people laughing in cafes and wish I could be that idle.

I’m beginning to see how one-dimensional — not to mention boring — a life fuelled by ambition can be.

So next time your colleague is promoted or gets a pay rise, don’t be too quick to envy them.

Success comes at a price. My career goal is to fail more often — and not be so quick to recover."

What do you think about what Amy is saying about success, her approach to life, and her friends?

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Photo: www.dailymail.co.uk 

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