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Sunday 5 May 2013

Gelatissimo 'An Italian Feast' + WIN vouchers

Until June 30 you can sample Gelatissimo's insanely good gelato flavours from the range they have called 'An Italian Feast'.

Think unique flavours like saffron risotto gelato, and so much more... in fact, it's a menu of five fresh, bold and exciting flavours created by Gelatissimo’s artisan gelato maker, Anna Temellini. Anna is Italian-born, and is trained in the art of gelato making, creating a menu that will be a talking point among foodies and gelato aficionados.

Here's the menu:

“This is a typical Italian menu, and we can’t wait for our customers to indulge in our Gelato Feast!” says Joint-CEO of Gelatissimo, Domenico Lopresti. “Eating is part of the fabric of Italian society and culture, and gelato is our life, so to combine the two is very exciting. We’re renowned for creating exciting and one-off flavours, but when they dip their spoons into saffron risotto flavour, it will be nothing like they have ever tasted before. Best of all, it’s delicious!”

Here a visual of the new Gelatissimo 'An Italian Feast' menu (because we know you're drooling):

Ricotta, Pear & Walnut
Saffron Risotto

Pannacotta & Wild Berries



“The ricotta, pear and walnut flavour follows the very popular trend in Italy of matching cheeses with jams and honey and serving them as starters on beautiful platters. I am confident it is going to be popular here, as it is in Italy”, says Anna. This flavour was hands down my fave. Tasting that creaminess of ricotta and that lingering pear and walnut flavour made this my winner. It left me wanting more.

Saffron risotto or, 'risotto alla Milanese', has long been enjoyed as a savoury dish in restaurants and homes all over the world. Using real saffron, Anna infuses the spice in hot milk which creates the base to create the flavour.

Says Anna, “It’s a sweet version of the actual dish, which came up very well in testing. Gelato al riso (rice gelato) is very popular in Italy at the moment. I’m pretty sure Australians will love this sweet version just as much!” It's an acquired taste, sure. At first bite (or should that be 'lick') it's a bit... "Oh, I am not sure." And then... I just could not get enough of it.

The dessert gelato is the pannacotta & wild berries, and is more-ish and so delicious. It's as decadent as you imagine it to be.

“As far as dessert went, we wanted to revisit an Italian classic, and I knew this combination was the perfect reflection of a typical Italian dessert”.

And post-meal, you often need to down a coffee, yes? The 'ristretto' - which is a short espresso - is a style of coffee drunk by the true caffeine 'addicts' of Italy, as it's made up of the 'crema' - considered the best part of the coffee. I had this gelato version with fresh brioche on a Sunday morning... divino!

Gelato fans who also love a tipple will love the sambuca flavour in the range, which forms the 'digestivo' part of the menu. In Italy, a digestivo is designed to aid digestion. And whoa, does this get your stomach satisfyingly settled. Using ingredients sourced from Italy, Anna has created a gelato that tastes like the real thing: “It tastes just like the real liqueur. I think this is a flavour that will conjure up the same opinion that most people have about sambuca: they’ll either love it, or they’ll hate it. I dare you to try it!”
All Gelatissimo gelato flavours are made fresh in-store. For a full list of stores around Australia, click here.

And guess what? Josie's Juice readers have the chance to win vouchers to trial the flavours from 'An Italian Feast.'

We have three lots of $20 worth of vouchers to give away. So, that's three winners, each receiving a total of $20 of Gelatissimo vouchers.

Here's all you need to do to enter:

- 'Like' the Josie's Juice Facebook page
- Share this blog post link on your Facebook wall
- Comment below and tell me which flavours sound the most delectable and who you'd share it with
- Email me at josiegags@optusnet.com.au with your address so I have your details on hand in case you're a winner

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