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Thursday 16 May 2013

Karl Stefanovic Pranks Roz Kelly on 'Today' Show

Oh, Karl.

You're a cheeky bugger.

Karl Stefanovic - co-host on the 'Today' show - demonstrated (again) that he's a childish prankster. And gosh, it's so fun to watch his harmless fun.

Earlier today - and I loved watching this unfold live this morning - Karl tampered with the teleprompter script of fellow 'Today' reporter Roz Kelly, ensuring she read the end of a sport's report on English Premier League Chelsea's triumph at the Europa Cup in Amsterdam overnight by saying: "How good are the cookies there?".

As she read it, she slowed down a tad and wondered, what the hell? It was too late! Watch:

Here are more pics of Karl laughing, starting with this morning's one... just because it's so infectious to see:

Are you flipping the bird there, Karl?

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