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Saturday 18 May 2013

Holly Madison Gives Birth: VIDEO

There's TMI (too much information). And then there's... whoa.

Holly Madison (real name Hollin Sue Cullen) - the woman who was Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's 'number one' woman - decided to document the recent birth of her daughter, Rainbow Aurora Rotella (her baby daddy is Pasquale Rotella). A momento for her personal archives, perhaps?

Uh, no. It was filmed for the E! TV special "Holly Has A Baby". And yes, the baby is pulled out and placed on her body, and captured on film. The special moment is included in the televised special:

Did you take video of your child's birth? We didn't, when our twins were born five years ago, and now I wish I had. The memory is seared in my brain forever, though.

What do you think of Holly's baby birth clip for TV?

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