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Thursday 9 May 2013

Sydney Fashion Blogger: interview and photos from Cosmopolitan Australia

If you're into fashion and like having a peek into the wardrobes and lives of effortlessly stylish people, you must follow 'Sydney Fashion Blogger'.

The woman behind it is Antoinette Marie and she has taken the online fashion world by storm. No. By tsunami.

Sydney Fashion Blogger has (as of May 2013) 220,000+ Instagram followers who watch her every (fashionable) move, devour her every post. Items of clothing she wears sell out after one posting. She often obscures her face, which only adds to the mystique and utter sexiness of everything this stylish woman does. You know those women who can pull an outfit together so beautifully, and kill it. Every. Single. Time. Yeah, that's her.

Here she is:

In an article in the June 2013 edition of Cosmopolitan Australia, she charts her success and explains it in the simplest of terms:

Photo: Cosmopolitan Australia, June 2013
"It's about [high-profile] friendships, search engine optimisation [SEO], and tagging things properly."

For more, click here and buy the mag, stat. It's worth it just to read about her success story, and be inspired by it. Her humility is something I kinda dig, too.

Here, Sydney Fashion Blogger answers some questions for Josie's Juice, starting with a reference to her 'Day in the Life of Sydney Fashion Blogger' Cosmo Q & A, where she reveals she has chickens she wakes at 5am to feed (their names? Dolce, Gabbana, Stavy, Biggie, and Gianni):

Okay, firstly: you have chickens? Tell me more… like, why?

Sydney Fashion Blogger: I love the feeling of living on a farm when I'm only 15 minutes away from the city. They are my morning alarm clock and provide me with breakfast - fresh eggs daily.

We finally see your face revealed in this [Cosmo] article. Do you think that will take away from the whole mystery, or just enhance who you are and what you do?

Sydney Fashion Blogger: I don’t think it will take away from the mystery. I feel that people will always want that little bit more, regardless of whether they know what I look like or not.  It's not about my face, it's about the fashion. There are so many upcoming looks to experiment with this season, so watch this space!

I love that you explain the simple mechanics of how you got to be as big as you have, in the article. But tell me, you need to live this life to love it, and to write about it, right? What’s the BIGGEST tip you have for anyone wanting to start a blog or website presence on ANYTHING?

Sydney Fashion Blogger: My life is spontaneous and the life I lead has a lot to do with the interest that people have in my blog. I've been doing this for two years now and have come to realise that people just like looking into other people lives. I guess it's like a reality show in blog form!The best tip I can give is to just be yourself because you only want people who truly like what you're doing to like your images and follow your blog - and that's what creates that reach. Just find your passion and post it!

To follow Sydney Fashion Blogger on Instagram, click here.

Here are just some of her looks (pink leather Charlie Brown pants? Um... yes!):

Pink flowy MIISHKA dress, fedora, and boots. Sure.

Leopard, and black boots (from Pelle), and turban? Of course!

For more, you can also follow Sydney Fashion Blogger on Facebook here.

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