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Monday 13 May 2013

'The Voice' Australia - Style Secrets

Watching 'The Voice' Australia tonight I am struck by several singers... but one in particular... Caterina Torres.

Not only based on the strength of her rendition of Beyonce's hit 'If I Were A Boy' (that powerful voice, wow) but also by her styling. Her hair. That impeccable and utterly beautiful makeup:

So... I looked it up.

And I found the place you go to get ALL the lowdown on all things stylish on the hit show.

And this is what I found on the page... Caterina for starters:

Plus a styling sheet detailing what she wore: 
Dress: Aje 
Shoes: Asos
Earrings: Peter Lang

And Delta!

Delta Goodrem is wearing:
Dress by Zhivago - www.HouseofZhivago.com
Long necklace with Skulls and Crosses by House of Emmanuele - www.HouseofEmmanuele.com
Black Armour and White Jewel Necklace, Cuff and Ring by Lotus Mendes - www.lotusmendes.com
Shoes by Jimmy Choo – 028666 0666

Delta is a big fan of House of Emanuele jewellery pieces, and you can read about where her love affair with the Australian jewellery brand started right here and here.

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