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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Cleo magazine relaunch: red carpet

The asssembled throng was pretty darn excited... Kelly Osbourne was set to attend the Cleo relaunch party last night at Cherry Bar, at The Star. 

The room was filled with celebs, readers and Bauer media heavyweights to celebrate the magazine, which has undergone its biggest overhaul in 40 years [she and I are pretty much of the same vintage, the ol' Cleo].

Stars included Charlotte Dawson, Nikki Phillips, Prinnie Stevens, the Stenmark twins. Singer Prinnie Stevens said “I read Cleo when I was younger and I’m so excited that you guys are revamping. I’m all about finding new looks and new outfits and Cleo is amazing for that.”

Meanwhile, Dawson declared she’s been a Cleo reader for “60,000 years”.

Editor Sharri Markson told the crowd the magazine is returning to its provocative roots, focusing on issues that are truly relevant to young women these days as well as keeping you updated on the latest fashion and beauty news.

Quizzed onstage, Kelly Osbourne recalled an incident that occurred on Sunday night, where she shocked a waiter at Icebergs by inquiring if the white fish tasted “like vagina”. To which he reportedly replied “it’s more chewy.” Pure Kelly.

The crowd ate arancini balls, sliders and salmon pancakes complemented with Cherry cocktails and bubbles.   

'Australia's Got Talent' incoming judge Timomatic said: “What a great night. This DJ is killing it; I’m going to be on the dancefloor soon. Cleo’s had a facelift and I’m loving it.”

Cleo magazine is on sale now. For more on the new edition, click here.

Photographer Credit: Esteban La Tessa.

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