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Friday 17 May 2013

'The Man Plan': James Kerley's Book

'The Man Plan' by James Kerley is a brill men's book. Here's the cover:

In late 2012, James released The Man Plan' - his first book - which is pretty much a "a printed version of Kerley’s all too familiar cheeky style with irreverent tips on how to ‘get one’s sh*t together’ – from fitness to finance, romance to cooking, mental health issues to career and more."

"I learnt a lot writing this book. There are so many easy tricks that make life easier as a guy or at least give the impression that we know what we are doing…… The book covers something from every angle of life. If a guy can pick it up and have a few laughs and learn one thing that makes him kick a little more arse in one or two areas of his life – I’m stoked," says James.

James - who has been dating the stunning Laura Dundovic ['Dating in the Dark'] for several years - is not just good looks... he has a Bachelor of Media and Writing, and has written for Cleo magazine as well as regular articles in various Australian publications. The Australian host of TV's 'Cash Cab' and host of 'Taken Out', who has also worked on NovaFM, and most recently the weekly host of 'Eclipse Music TV'. He was also a Nickelodeon host.

Here are some excerpts from the book... very cheeky!

To buy the book ($20 AUD, and worth every cent), click here.

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