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Monday 6 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Magazine Australia June 2013: Miley Cyrus. Plus Bronwyn McCahon Q & A

The new edition of Cosmopolitan Australia has just hit the newsstands... and as usual, it's jam-packed. Check out the Miley Cyrus cover:

The hugely popular blogger Sydney Fashion Blogger - aka Antoinette Marie - is profiled in this issue, and the pics are breathtaking (check back in for an interview with the blogger on this blog post).

This woman has a HUGE following. Think 200,000+ Instrgram followers, her every (fashion) move is documented and 'liked' and shared like mad on all her social media platforms. She can sell out a dress with just one photo posted. She tells Cosmo her secrets for Insta-fame. Here she is, below (image from Cosmo - get the issue for the entire interview).

Also in this issue are winter’s top 10 trends, with the Cosmo fashion team pulling together the 10 hottest winter trends: from the colours of the season to the work shoe and bag, the weekend boot, accessories, nail colour and everything else that will ensure you look seriously stylish.

I love that the mag has scored a Miley Cyrus interview at a time when every pop culture mag would be clamouring to speak with her. In this article, Miley talks about the truth behind those rumours on her and Liam rumours, plus what she’s got planned for the wedding.

In an interesting health story, Cosmo asks: "How bad is this stuff anyway?" Dairy, salt, spray tans, soy, Wi-Fi, mircrowaved food – there’s so much guilt around what we put in our mouths and on our skin that Cosmo has sorted the scientific fact from fiction to find out what is doing our bodies harm and what’s not so bad after all.

Also, a story on how it has been Cosmo’s mission for almost 50 years to change women’s lives for the better – from the late Helen Gurley Brown pioneering sex and relationships advice in the 1960s to now, as Cosmo Australia joins Gucci’s 'Chime for Change' movement, with a focus on improving women’s lives in three key areas: justice, health and education. This month Cosmo Australia turns the focus on homeless women, with a feature and an opp for readers to help out. 

Here, editor Bronwyn McCahon answers questions for Josie's Juice about this month's edition:

Hi Bronwyn! Congrats on the new issue – it’s jam-packed. What’s your fave story (or several) in this issue?

Bronwyn: I LOVE our interview with Sydney Fashion Blogger. Everyone’s fascinated with her and she gave us great access. The paranoid side of me also loves the feature How bad is this stuff anyway? Where we look at the effect of Wifi, Soy, UV nail lamps etc.

The mix of real-life stories are fantastic. Do you often find that people come to you wanting to tell their story, seeing as we live in an age where people are always keen to share?

Bronwyn: We get so many great story ideas via the Cosmo website or our social media. Sometimes girls come to us and want to share their own personal story in the hope it might help others or raise awareness for a certain issue and other times we might pick up a story based on what's being discussed in the Cosmo forum or on our Facebook page.

How do you EVER not run out of story ideas? (No, seriously. Louise Roe, profiling Aussie beauty gurus, fantastic Cosmo Guys stories… it’s all there this issue, and still keeps me engaged although I am probably out your target market now).

Bronwyn: Having worked on Cosmo for a decade I see a lot of stories resurface again and again, the challenge is to find a new twist or angle. Fundamentally the angsts that women feel haven’t changed much over the years, we still care if our bums look big, or why he didn’t call, or am I good in bed? etc... we just have to address them in a more modernised way. Plus, we get so much inspiration just from conversations in the Cosmo office or overheard at the pub on the weekends.

Follow Cosmo on Twitter on @CosmopolitanAU and on Facebook at facebook.com/cosmoaustralia and on Instagram, follow Cosmo Australia editor @bronwynmccahon and here @cosmoaustralia

The June 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan Australia is on sale from Monday May 6, 2013.

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