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Friday 3 May 2013

Carrie Bickmore Cries On 'The Project': Charlie Teo, Brain Cancer and Hope

Carrie Bickmore reduced me - and plenty of other viewers - to tears last night when she spoke about the wonderful work renowned brain surgeon Charlie Teo is doing, his upcoming US talk, and her late husband who died from brain cancer a few years ago.

Click on this link to watch the segment.

The thing about Carrie is that not only is she an excellent interviewer, she brings such empathy to everything she does - because she has lived it. Married, and with a young son, her world crashed when her beloved husband succumbed to brain cancer. After taking a break from work, she returned and has always shown such grace and professionalism. When she can, she takes the opportunity to highlight the causes near to her heart. Carrie is my work and girl crush all rolled into one.

While the segment above has created headlines - it is a GOOD thing as it draws awareness to a cancer that is "fatal in most cases" and that "there is a lot of focus on other cancers" and that "this is a cancer that needs to be bumped up in terms of attention."

Beautifully said, Carrie... as always.

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