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Friday 17 May 2013

Daniel Sponiar: Luke Mangan Portrait

Sydney photographer Daniel Sponiar has photograped internationally-renowned Australian chef Luke Mangan. Here is the fantastic portrait:

On his blog, Daniel's work is described like this:

"Daniel's work is methodically constructed, almost engineered in a way that shows a side to a person not directly identifiable with who they are in the broader society. The result is a new perspective on an individual that not only has meaning to the sitter, but informs the viewer about their alter ego.

For instance in the chef series, Daniel shows his subjects' appreciation for our planet's natural resources, for sustainability and a respect for the environment that grows our food.

His work can be described as "still life portraiture". Beneath the facades there are suggestions that represent a complex individual and possibly events that have shaped their lives. But the elements within the photographs are there to provoke questions about who the person really is, what has led to their success, and what may inspire them as a human being.

Now based out of Sydney, Australia, between editorial and commercial assignments for clients ranging from the Sydney Opera House to the Australian Defence Force, Daniel also makes time to persue his personal projects. Much of which was shown in two solo exhibitions last year during Art Month Sydney and the Head On Festival."

Based on this exceptional Luke Mangan portrait, it's all true. It's sheer perfection.

Mojo by Luke Mangan is the name of Luke's new restaurant, and it's set to open mid-May 2013.

For more on his new venue, click here.

And for more on Daniel, click here

Here is Daniel's profile piece in Australian Photograpahy magazine, July 2012 edition. Impressive stuff:

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