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Thursday 21 January 2016

Gay Men Touch Vagina For The First Time: VIDEO

Um... I don't make these videos, I just report on them. Don't look at me.

Actually, this now viral video is the next in a series of videos from lesbian duo Bria and Chrissy, and they have the world talking. Watch this one below, and the click on links below for more...

Say the creators BriaAndChrissy:

Men are allowed more sexual freedom than women. In our society, when a man has sex he's "the man," a woman has sex she's a slut. We expected a lot of backlash for this video, it will be interesting to see if this video gets the same attention as the "lesbians touch Penis" video since there are female genitals (and a topic about females as a whole) instead of a male genitals. What are your thoughts?

Here are the others from this series:

I WILL warn you, though... if you watch the above video on YouTube, it'll immediately assume you want to watch all sortsa 'interesting' videos... tutorials and 'educational' videos. Don't say I didn't tell you.

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