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Saturday 9 January 2016

'Dear Feminists': Nicole Arbour. VIRAL VIDEO. Blow jobs, love of sex, and #feminists

If this is your first intro to viral video and blogger Nicole Arbour, sit down, strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride. Or perhaps you won't. She WILL make you think, though. Or, get so mad you want to troll her. Yeah, don't do the latter. Trolling - not cool. And, you look like a dick.

The juice: she loves giving blow jobs, loves sex, and... she loves men. Think about that concept: a woman who is strong as f*ck but actually adores men, too! Wow, who knew you could do both... (of course you bloody well can. Gawd).

And here, she turns the concept of feminism on its head:


Me? I love this woman. She's upfront, hot as, doesn't mince words, and any girl who says she loves a BJ, and openly admits to loving sex, and, gasp, MEN... she's won my heart. So there.

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