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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Mel McLaughlin Speaks: 'The Project' Interview VIDEO

We hear Mel McLaughlin's response to the Chris Gayle interview on the ‪#‎TheProjectTV‬

You can watch the WHOLE INTERVIEW HERE.

Here is a backgrounder, including the original video, plus news of Chris Gayle's $10,000 fine today.

And here are just some of the comments on 'The Project' Facebook page after this very video was posted:

Ben Fleming Felt uncomfortable at the cricket but was happy to have people look at her body and rate her in her Logies dress, and goes to a Maxim party. A magazine that exists just to ogle women. Okaaaay.
LikeReply251 mins
Ken Appadoo Am sure she is good at her job BUT let's not forget her looks played a part in her getting this reporter job isn't it? why didn't she complain at that time? Oh yeah that suited her 
LikeReply39 mins
Josie Gagliano Galea
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Christian Kiko Stoleski i would ask her out
LikeReply51 mins
Joseph Yaghmoor What is it with all the commercials. More commercials than show.
LikeReply51 mins
Joshua Penley-Churchill The double standards expressed in this entire blow up are out of control... Nuala Hafner got applauded and called "brave" for this story...

LikeReply650 mins
Christian Kiko Stoleski will not be shy lol
LikeReply50 mins
Stuart McIntosh Who cares. it was a joke
LikeReply250 mins
Kelli Broderick No one cares. If she was hitting on him this wouldn't be am issue.
LikeReply350 mins
John Sellwood I guess it is time for the "Professional" media who demand professional behaviour should also stop harrassing lawyers and people coming out of court because that is being disrespectful to the people coming out of court. Or stop shoving a microphone in peoples faces and expect professional responses all the tim. Some times it doesn't happen. This Mel thing had another person do it to her last year. Why was nothing done then? Isn't Bravo worth fining. I reckon get the BBL up yourself. Channel 10 Knew there was a history and did not put plans in place. So take it on the chin Mel. You are a part of the problem yourself for not putting your own boundry in. Gayle is a knob head and has a history and you still shoved a mic in his face. Channel 10 and you Mell need to take some responsibility.
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Jeff Ro So.. did she shag him?
LikeReply250 mins
Du Li 
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Josie Gagliano Galea
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Mark Parrott Mel is all class, speaking as if it is water under the bridge. What Chris said was not professional but intended as a joke, he should not have been made to be such a scapegoat. He apologised, she has now formally accepted it, now lets all move on!
LikeReply650 mins
James Oxley You are apparently one of the 3 commenters that actually watched the clip haha

Many on social media have been VERY vocal, some citing these two examples as a 'if the situation was reversed':

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