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Sunday 3 January 2016

Watermelon Boy: VIDEO

I have no words.

So, here is the hashtag of the day: #watermelonboy

Remember folks, YOU made this a thing at the beginning of 2016.

You will be taking a good, long hard look at yourself come December 2016. You all made this a thing? Shame on you. Shame on ME! I kid, I kid. I know... it's lighthearted and fun. He's kinda cute, this kid. And it's so: Aussie summer, hooking into some fresh fruit like nobody's business. Who doesn't like to do that? I do. Not when cameras are on me, though. But... that's the whole point of this video:

In an interview this AM with the Today show, the boy admits he did it solely to get the attention of the viral video gods 'out there', and he'd never eaten the whole thing, skin and all, before. But then he said he had? I confused. (I will upload that video as soon as it becomes available).

Also, 'Studio 10' will be featuring him on the show tomorrow. Not sure what he can add to what we know, but hey... cute as.

Watermelon Boy is actually the son of sports reporter and on air host on Radio 1116 SEN in Melbourne, and the voice of the MCG Tony Schibeci (follow him and his coverage on the past 24 hours at @theschibecsta on Twitter).

The watermelon devouring happened yesterday during the Women's Big Bash League clash between the Stars and the Renegades at the MCG.

Anyways, good on you, watermelon boy! Just a question: the green part. Shit, or no?

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