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Friday 8 January 2016

Craig Foster trolled over footage with daughter at Liverpool game: VIDEO

Reason number 225 why I NEVER respond to peoples' comments on Twitter. They are almost always rude, and I do not know these people, and they would not get away with speaking to me like that in actual, real life.

Rudeness on Twitter is on a whole other level.

People can shove their smart arse, cleverly concocted 140 character quips up their culo, seriously.

This report, case in point. A man touches his eight year old daughter's chest. People don't know she's his daughter. STILL rude about it. Something is only sexualised if you make it so (if you don't believe me, head on over to Twitter to see sick fools in action - I have also cut and pasted some awful comments below).

The man in question is Australian soccer great Craig Foster.

He was part of the Liverpool Football Club Legends and Australian Legends football (or soccer!) game at ANZ Stadium last night. I was there with my family.

During the Australian national anthem, the televised (on Foxtel) event shows cameras panning to all the Aussie players, singing the anthem, in a moment of national pride.

Craig Foster is seen affectionally stroking his daughter's eight year old, flat, non-sexual chest. His flesh and blood, his little girl. She is STILL a little girl.

I should know. We have one of them the same age.

My husband is father to our eight year old daughter. He hugs both her and her twin brother all the time. Sure, it's not a stroke across the chest televised to the world, but hugs happen all the time. It's a natural father/daughter bond.

Any suggestion of Craig's actions being sexual make me ill.

Here is Craig's tweet soon after the anthem:

And then, following some horrible comments on Twitter, this:

Some comments - look at this filth:

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And thankfully, this:

Read a report at Daily Telegraph here, and footage below:

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