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Sunday 6 May 2012

16 types of people on Facebook

Oh, did I LOL when I saw this the other day.

[It was on the https://www.facebook.com/everythingisperfeckt Facebook page - 'Like' it]

It's a list of the '16 types of people on Facebook' and it was loads of fun to not only establish who I was (well, that was easy: deffo #15) but which of my buddies is which.

The Facebook type I really, truly don't like is #1: 'The Lurker': never posts anything or comments on your post, but reads everything...

This annoys the crap out of me because I figure, why are we even Facebook friends if you can't occasionally help celebrate, laugh at, shed a few virtual tears, debate over, and generally just be from time to time on Facebook.

Did we become Facebook buddies so you can just... perve on my life?

Likewise, if we stop being friends in real life (highly unlikely) then, you know... we're not friends on Facebook. Simple.

Okay... enough serious stuff.

The one I love here is #3: 'Mr/Mrs Popular'. Always school-aged kids. Collect 'friends' like they collect... I don't know... is it footy cards these days? One Direction posters, maybe. LOL. LMAO.

#8 The Collector: see as above. What's with: If You Don’t Start Walking Faster, I am Going To Hit You With My Backpack; Physics Doesn’t Exist, It’s All Gnomes; I Flip My Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side; Honestly, I Write "LOL" And I'm Not Even Laughing (oh look, crossover into #2: 'The Hyena': doesn't really say anything, just LOLs and LMAOs at everything).

  • #11 makes me laugh a little... c'mon... nobody hates you that much, do they?

  • #12: 'The Anti-Proofreader' - that's me, in reverse. I have to STOP myself from saying: it's not 'I would of', it's 'I would have'. And the rest.

  • #4: The Gamer - here's the thing: I love you and all but I will never respond to a Farmville request because I don't know what the hell that whole caper is about...

  • #13 The Drama Queen/King: I don't think I have been guilty of this... if I have, it's been because I have an alternate affliction: it's called 'scatterbrain-itis', brought on by far too many things in one's head that you sometimes forget what you were meant to respond to on Facebook.

  • Has this list missed any other 'types'?

  • Constantly posts pics of their kids (me). Posts food pics (Erm...).

  • Any more you can think of? Share!

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