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Sunday 13 May 2012

'Shit My Kids Ruined' - Tumblr site

My friend Paul put this site on Facebook with this message: "For all the mothers and the mothers-to-be."

He accompanied that with this pic:

I squealed with delight.

Not because I have this schadenfreude (Paul first told me what that word meant when he was my editor) streak; rather, because I knew I was gonna see some cray-cray shit kiddies have ruined, and will have nodded my head in agreement.

You MUST see the site, here: http://shitmykidsruined.tumblr.com/

In the meantime, here are some of my 'faves' from the hi-larious site:

PIC CAPTION: "I have a 6 year old autistic son. He loves to play with brooms. He was doing so last Friday, and unfortunately the dog ran in front of him, tripping him. That sent the broom flying in the air, and it landed on my Macbook Pro’s glass touchpad. (which i didn’t know it   was glass, or that it COULD break!)

Thanks to Apple’s awesome products, the WHOLE thing still works!"

Submitted by: Tiffany

[This one is a little too close to home, so I def empathised here...] 

"So my brother decided to do my mom a favour and repaint her walls inside her house. Then put the leftover paint in the garage….. didn’t close the paint tins properly…. NEVERRRRRR leave half open paint tins within reach of aspiring artists ( that happen to be two years old)…. I think it’s safe to say that it will take a long time for my moms sense of humor to be restored :-)"

Submitted by: Danielle

[Oh, Lordy... if our Kia Carnival was subjected to this, I would totally lose my shit].

"We are dubbing this the “Oppo-hawk”."

Submitted by: Sakre

[Very grateful we don't own hair clippers... yet.]

"I have 3 daughters, ages 4, 2, and 10 months. I had gotten the baby to sleep and put the older girls down for their nap. I had about 30 minutes of quiet bliss that was suddenly interrupted by loud noises coming from the kids’ room. I walked upstairs to see what the problem was only to discover that my 4 year old had PAINTED her sister pink!"

Submitted by: Sorayah

[This, I can see happening at my place...]

"Our youngest was in the bathroom, had been there for a long time. I checked on her, knocked on the door, asked if everything was alright. She answered yes, and I didn’t think anything of it. Then my wife went to check, because the girl was calling for help. This is what she found. Minty fresh poo smell!"

Submitted by: Harry

[This hasn't happened at mine... yet. I'm giving it time...]

"The kids playroom TV painted with peanut butter!!!!"
Submitted by: Celia

[Are you glad it said ' peanut butter'? Yeah... me too].

What have your kids ruined so far?

Have a tiny baby? Think your angewon't ruin shit? Ohhh, just you wait...

The shit my kids have ruined I haven't taken photos of... I was too annoyed at the time.

The list includes a couple of iPhone chargers (yes, even ones out of reach), an iPad (don't ask), makeup all over the face, emptying water bottles all over the garage floor, sweeping the water up totally naked... I am sure there is more to come. Shiiiiit!

C'mon... share!

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  1. OHHHH my gosh!! This is FAR too close to home... hahaha...

    Tina xx