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Thursday 3 May 2012

Madonna - Vanity Fair Italia, May 2012

Ah, that Madonna.

How, how, how does she not age (now, now... don't be nasty).

In any case, this Vanity Fair Italia cover of Her Madgesty is just... wow.

I especially love the cover line: "Vi Sembro Finita?"

Translation: did you think I was finished?

Impossibile, Madonna!

Madonna's other 2012 Vanity Fair cover was in January.

The cover line on that one reads: "Non serve essere bella per essere amata."

Translation: you don't have to be beautiful to be loved.

And loved you are, Madonna... still.

Especially love that the above cover photo looks like this 1986 pic from her "Papa Don't Preach" video:

And here, Madonna's latest single: 'Girl Gone Wild'. 

[Yes, her obsession with religious referencing continues]:

What do you think of the Madonna magazine covers?

For more on Vanity Fair Italia go here: http://www.vanityfair.it/

And to follow Vanity Fair Italia on Twitter, click this: https://twitter.com/#!/vanityfairit

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