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Monday 28 May 2012

Delta Goodrem: Vogue Australia, July 2012. Plus video from shoot

Oh, Delta.

Can you shut up your naysayers any better than killing it in a Vogue Australia photo shoot?

I think not.

Bravo, Ms Goodrem.

And bravo, Kirstie Clements, in this, her last issue for the iconic magazine, after being at its helm for eons, making it the title it is today.

Says Delta, in the July 2012 edition of Vogue [on sale Wednesday June 6], of her relationship with ex Brian McFadden:

"There is so much I’d like to say. I was really unhappy and I didn’t know how to get out. I learnt. I got there in the end."

Goodrem dated singer and TV judge Brian McFadden for seven years, with the pair engaged to be married. They called it quits last year.

Adds Delta, on being single: "I have so much love to give that it's hard for me to say [no]. I'm very affectionate and so I'm just happy to be single and meeting different people and just enjoying being a 27-year-old."

See the behind the scenes video from the shoot:

Photos: Vogue Australia.

For more, see: http://www.vogue.com.au/

And to subscribe to Vogue, go here: 

And to read more on Delta on 'The Voice', go here: http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/delta-hate-over-it.html


  1. She's such a stunner! Strange to hear she was unhappy in her relationship with Brian. It seemed so happy and perfect on the outside. Just goes to show we (the public) don't know as much as we think we do haha - Lara

  2. That is very true, Lara... appearances can be deceiving. Exhibit A: Delta's fellow mentor Seal, and his ex-wife Heidi... x