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Saturday 5 May 2012

Westfield, Gok Wan, stylin' up: it's all good

It's rare that a TV ad actually excites me... ever.

But the other day this one managed to.

It's an advertisement for Westfield Australia, and in particular, the style team they've assembled for their upcoming season. It includes the infectious Brit Gok Wan, Lauren Messiah from the US, and our own Donny Galella:

Okay, I confess: I really enjoy all the Westfield ads [it's something about watching experts stylin' up outfits that I love]. Here's another I like:

The first ad screened during Gok's latest fashion makeover show, 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow'. Gok just has a way about him. What makes him most endearing, I think, is his genuine love for women.

Here's a clip - my fave part is when Gok works his customising magic (it always involves a haberdashery):


And here's a clip with Gok and Dannii Minogue:


And part two of the Dannii clip:


And here's a send-up clip. Love it:

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