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Friday 25 May 2012

Who magazine: The 'Body Issue'

I love the Who mag 'Body Issue'. Here's why...

It depicts bodies of varying sizes, ages, and life stages.

Eight celebs open up to Who magazine about body image, what they like and dislike about their shape and, for some, how they have overcome their body battles. 

The celebrities featured include model Lara Bingle, actress Ada Nicodemou, Olympian Stephanie Rice, Singer Prinnie Stevens, TV presenter Natalie Barr, actress Melissa Bergland, Boxer Lauryn Eagle and TV personality Charlotte Dawson.

Plus, Who magazine polled readers about their bodies and found that while most of us diet and don't like our soft bellies, we'd still prefer to be curvy than too thin. 

Their findings included:

- While 53% of women surveyed are not content with their bodies, 37% of all respondents are happy with their shape. 

- Abs should be fab, with 50% of the women surveyed saying they want a flatter stomach.  

- On average, women believe they need to lose 9kg to look and feel their best.   

The 'Body Issue' of Who magazine is onsale now.

1 comment:

  1. I need to lose more than 9 kilos. I just think when they have people on the cover they should have women who represent the majority more.

    Stephanie exercises all day every day, Rikki's been on a two year diet and exercise program and Ada's pregnant. Not too long ago everyone was slagging off at Lara for having gained weight and now a magazine celbrates women of all body shapes.

    What a load of rubbish!