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Thursday 10 May 2012

Dating: "Guys are no exception when it comes to being ‘played’."

You know, sometimes the best posts are sparked from a frustrated, honest declaration you see on Facebook.

This one came from a guy in his 20s, about dating women, and what he calls the "fake-ness of it all." 

From women.

I asked - well let's call him Phil - to write a piece on his experiences of dating. And here we are:

“What frustrates me most about women I would like to date is mostly the absence of actual love and emotion. I see this in a lot of couples, who really date for social acceptance and the belief that this person will improve their image."

Frankly, I was a little gobsmacked. I mean, really? It has been a while since I was 'out there' dating, but I wondered [and asked him], were some women really that mean?

Continues Phil: "You see examples of this all the time: pretty much any celebrity couple out there. Two attractive people hook up with nothing in common, yet they pursue a relationship because it puts them in the spotlight.

It’s the same thing that happens these days in society because a lot of girls/guys will only date someone who will actually make them look good or give them something they cannot get themselves... like money.

What kind of girl am I looking for?

I do believe there are genuine girls out there who do date for the right reasons, and hopefully I’ll find one. I have friends who are definitely decent girls who do date for the right reasons, but they have been jerked around in the past.

As have I.

Guys are no exception when it comes to being ‘played’, you know.

Here’s what I have had happen to me: having a girl only text you when they want something, flirt with you when they have no one else, lead you on because it gives them something to do. Then, when you fall for the trap and actually develop feelings for them they casually say, we are only friends, or, I didn’t mean anything by it. I’ve had girls who have flirted with me, and then when I do make a move they say, ‘I’m not like that!’.

It’s frustrating!

The girl I look for is someone genuine, funny and down to earth... someone who is just themselves.”

What do you think about Phil's experiences on dating women.

Meanwhile, here is a bad, bad breakup, Carrie-style (I couldn't think of a bad breakup for a boy on film/TV... drop me a line if you can):

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