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Monday 7 May 2012

Baby names: announce it or keep it a secret?

I love this clip from Sex & The City; so very Charlotte:

Has someone 'stolen' your baby name?

It's not as absurd as it sounds.

I know someone who told her sister her favourite boy baby name... and when her sister had a baby boy first... she promptly 'stole' it.

Yet after reading this piece in the Herald Sun today, it's interesting to note a trend towards actually announcing the baby name [even putting it on baby shower invites] prior to the baby's birth, according to social researcher Mark McCrindle:

When I was pregnant with the twins - we did not know the genders of the babies until I actually gave birth to them - we had two boys names and two girls names up our sleeve.

We ended up choosing our first choice boy name - Rafael - and our first choice girl name - Estella - in the delivery room. But... we didn't want to tell anyone our baby name choices until after they were born. Maybe those closest to us, but that's it.

I liked this. I didn't want an opinion on something so personal. Or, a comment like: 'Oh, I knew a Rafael at school, and I didn't like him', or something to that effect, which really... has no bearing on me.

Has someone 'stolen' your baby name?

Or... did you 'steal' theirs?



  1. I was accused of taking someone else's baby after many years after she was born. Little did they know I had looked for a meaning and up popped the name on the Internet. I think people should keep it to themselves that way you can't accuse people of stealing your baby name.

  2. I like it! And how funny/weird that she accused you of stealing her name. Perhaps a good thing she told you years later...

    Some people like to say the name prior so they themselves can bond, which is nice :)

    For us, I did love the idea of not knowing the genders, nor announce the names. One of the few surprises left in life.

  3. This reminds me of the Friends episode where Rachael had her baby and didn't know what to call it. Monica said if she ever had a baby girl she'd name it Emma. Rachael promptly stole it and used it, and Monica was upset but gave her permission.

    I personally would not tell until the baby was born and officially named so others would not use it. But when names are common, pretty much all of them, no one's got the right to tell you what you can and can't name your baby anyway, so if your friend has a baby with the name you want, go ahead and use it anyway. It's not your firend's business what you name your baby.

    People are always so scared to do something. I'd rather lose an idiot control freak friend than name my baby something else because she had already used it.