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Monday 7 May 2012

Men's boners. And testosterone. A different view.

A few weeks ago I read a brilliantly funny piece by Lindy West on, er, the colour of vaginas.

You can read about it here:


So, when I saw the headline "Quieten Down, Vaginas. The Boners are Talking", also by Lindy, I thought, excellent: another ripsnorter, another barrel of laughs with a message.

Well... not quite.

Have a read:


This piece talks about the struggle men experience with loss of libido and erections in men and testosterone treatments for men, and it was this comment by one of the site's readers that really had me thinking:

"I suffer from something fun called, "hypogonadotropic hypogonadism with hypothyroidism" and have had my testicles removed. The little buggers never functioned, and there was a cancer risk. So I have to use this damn testosterone gel that is a total pain in the ass. Depression has murdered my libido, and without testosterone therapy it is total DEAD. Even with it, my wife and I rarely have sex, and when we do we don't know what my penis is going to do. Sometimes, no erection. Erection but no ability to achieve orgasm is another fun, and frequent, event. I'm only 39, and I've always been like this. Thankfully, my wife loves me, is understanding, and is wonderful. She doesn't even judge me when I ball my eyes out every so often over never having had a chance to have children.

I felt compelled to say this to note that not everyone on testosterone therapy is a douchebag at age 60 who wants to have more erections. Sometimes, it's a guy like me, with a real illness." - Darren D'Lisle.

Do you know someone this has happened to? Or - and you can be anon - is this you?


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