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Thursday 3 May 2012

Call Me Maybe: Parodies

'Call Me Maybe.'

The huge phenomenon by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen. Number one on Australian ARIA charts for weeks. Almost 45 million views on YouTube.

But the parodies this uber-catchy tune is spawning could collectively supersede the original's views on YouTube.

You may have heard of the one Justin Bieber did with Selena Gomez (he did, after all, sign Carly to his record label, Schoolboy Records which launched her song into the stratosphere).

And yes, that clip is below.

But let's start with this one (the hysterical Aussie version, featuring Triple M's Fitzy & Wippa):

Here's Justin Bieber's version (with co-stars, GF Selena Gomez, and actress Ashley Tisdale):

And Katy Perry's cute version:

And Miley Cyrus's version:

And a fan-made version featuring One Direction's Louis Thompson:

And the Janoskians's version (Google them... they're a net sensation):

Oh, and the original version:

So... hooked on this song too?

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