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Wednesday 30 May 2012

The Amazing Race Australia 2012: the teams

The Amazing Race - highly addictive viewing every single time.

Especially the Aussie version.

Tonight, it starts again. On Channel 7, 9pm.

Ones to watch: Michelle and Jo - the identical twins [and both cheerleaders - and both airline hostesses].

Then there's James and Sarah - he's a bar manager; she's a beauty salon manager. She's a 'cougar', he's a young 'un.

Lucy and Emilia - the Italian sisters. They do everything together: live, work, the lot.

The engaged couple Kym and Donna. So retro.

Joseph and Grace - the genetically blessed brother and sister duo.

All will be fascinating to watch.

And all will combust under pressure, and trade insults.

Bring it.

The Amazing Race Australia screens each Wednesday on Channel 7, at 9pm.

[UPDATED: new time: Mondays 7.30pm, on Channel 7]

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