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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Karise Eden favourite to win The Voice - live rounds

Karise Eden - that Central Coast teenager who turned all four chairs within seconds of hearing her incredible voice (Keith Urban quipped that Karise sounded like she'd swallowed iconic singer Janis Joplin) and beat a the incredibly talented Paula Parore in the battle rounds, is the $6 favourite to win The Voice with betting site www.tomwaterhouse.com.

With the wildly successful television singing competition preparing to enter its live rounds -  during which the public will ultimately determine the winner - online bookmaker tomwaterhouse.com has framed betting markets on the individual winner, the team winner and the gender of the individual winner.

Eden heads the individual market at $6, with iTunes sensation Lakyn Heperi ($6.50), star of last night’s show Brittany Cairns ($7) and legally blind Rachael Leahcar ($8) also among the favourites.

Between Team Joel ($3) and Team Seal ($3) the odds are even, with the former featuring three of the top eight in the individual betting, and the latter featuring the favourite in Eden.

Females dominate the top of the individual betting – eight of the top eight – with girls at $1.55 to rule, with a male winner trading at $2.30.

There are 12 of each gender remaining.

The Voice continues with its first show of the live rounds on Monday 14 May 2012.

Here are the favourites:

The Voice individual winner:
$6 Karise Eden
$6.50 Lakyn Heperi
$7 Brittany Cairns
$8 Rachael Leahcar
$11 Darren Percival
$15 Emma Louise Birdsall
$15 Prinnie Stevens
$17 Sam Ludeman
$17 Carmen Smith
$21 Sarah De Bono
$21 Ben Hazlewood
$21 Fatai Veamatahau
$26 Ben Bennett
$26 Danni Da Ros
$26 Diana Rouvas
$26 Chris Sebastian
$34 Laura Bunting
$34 Michael Duchesne
$34 Taga Paa
$41 Adam Martin
$51 Jimmy Cupples
$67 Matt Hetherington
$81 Glenn Cunningham
$101 Viktoria Bolonia

The Voice team winner
$3 Team Joel
$3 Team Seal
$3.50 Team Keith
$5 Team Delta

The Voice individual gender winner
$1.55 Female
$2.30 Male

Wanna re-live Karise's phenomenal, chair-turning performance? Enjoy:

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