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Thursday 17 May 2012

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf - in 4.5 minutes

This one is an oldie but such a goodie; watch this woman tie a scarf 25 different ways.

And after 12 million+ hits, it seems this fashion how-to is as popular as ever.

Each look is a winner, and I want to try all of them out several times.

The one accessory I am most obsessed with - summer or winter - is the scarf. 

And so I can watch this over and over again. And I suspect many of those millions of hits are from repeated views.

So fun to watch.

Which one is your new fave? And which one is your fail-safe option?


  1. Gosh I love this! And I need loads of scarf ideas right now... it's so darn cold and I don't want to look like a yeti ;) LL

  2. I find that I watch this over - and over - for inspiration. Love it! Helen A

  3. The Euro knot is always a winner. Short or long scarf. CJ