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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Wyld Wednesday sex facts - plus, WIN Wyld packs

It's not often press releases really make me laugh and manage to capture my attention, but every Wednesday for the past few weeks, this has.

It comes from Wyld - yes, those libido-increasing tabs which have been around for several years - which, I have since learned, do so much more than get you... excited.

Read on for a chance to win some Wyld for you, but first, here are the Wyld Wednesday facts I have been enjoying each week:

-Males, on average, think about sex every 7 seconds.

-Sex can help to cure a headache.

-The average person spends 2 weeks of their life kissing!

-There are approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day.

-During their lifetime, the average driver will have sex in their car six times.

-1 in 50 people claim to have had sex in an aeroplane.

-Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same feel-good chemical responsible for the ecstatic high people experience through sexual attraction and love.

-Hate the gym? You burn about 200 calories during 30 minutes of active sex.

-Males, on average, think about sex every 7 seconds!

-Donald Duck comics were once banned from Finland because Donald doesn’t wear pants.

-Endorphins released during sexual activity create a euphoria that can act as an extremely effective pain killer.

-There are approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day!

-Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.

-The woman’s best friend, her trusty vibrator, was originally invented in the 19th century to reduce ‘hysteria’. Any excuse!
-The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in a lifetime is 20, 160 minutes. That’s 336 hours, 14 days or 2 weeks. Lip balm anyone?

-A quarter of penises are slightly bent when erect.

More about Wyld. Here's the blurb:

The Wyld supplement not only aims to increase a depleting libido but with the powerful blend of natural eastern herbs, vitamins and minerals it helps to reduce stress and fatigue, increase circulation, promote alertness and give you more energy.

Wyld increases your sex drive naturally.

Whilst for many of us the stress of juggling our work, family and social lives leaves us with so little energy by the end of the day that sex becomes but a distant memory.

Wyld's separate formulations for men and women offer help for the many couples suffering this unfortunate consequence of our frenetic, demanding lifestyles.

How does it work?

Wyld can help couples rediscover the joy of sex in numerous ways: The natural aphrodisiacs in the Wyld formulas can help men and women get in the mood for some passionate bedroom play. Super ingredient, Tribulus is well known as a herb traditionally used to assist libido in both men and women. Not to mention the added herb of Guarana in both formulas offers an instant uplift!

Wyld Woman supplements:
The six B-group vitamins included in the women’s formula help to provide enough energy to get through the day.

Equally, the Siberian Ginseng in this formula aims to reduce fatigue and combat stress. Wyld Woman also contains the herb, Damiana which has been traditionally used to assist with normal sexual function.

Wyld Man supplements:
The men’s formula has been created for optimal performance and sex drive. In addition to the 3000mg of Tribulus and Horny Goat Weed, which both support male sexual function, this formula contains Korean Ginseng which helps to replenish energy and increase endurance.

Wyld Man and  Wyld Woman are available from leading pharmacies and supermarkets. Each pack contains: a one month supply (60 tablets), $24.95.

WIN! For your chance to win one of five double prize packs - one Wyld Man and one Wyld Woman for each winner [valued at around $50] - simply 'like' the Josie's Juice Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Josies-Juice-Blog/112183702164480?ref=ts - and tell us in as many or as few words as you like the answer to this question: why do you and your partner need a good dose of Wyld? First five best entries win.

As Wyld says: "The stresses of day to day life - work, finances, kids and family, can all take their toll on you and your libido, so Wyld is here to help you feel good in 30 days" - so [and this part is optional if you're a little shy, or you can comment anonymously] we'd like to hear winners' stories after a month of taking Wyld, and if it's made any difference to them with their sex drive levels, general energy levels. You can come back to the comments section here and tell us!

And you can 'like' the Wyld Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wyld-Wednesday-Hump-Day/158343167509465 and follow them on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/#!/Wyld_Tweets


  1. Our children are driving us batty,
    We're totally stressed to the max,
    A dose of Wyld is just what we need,
    To lie back, play, enjoy and relax!

  2. Thanks for your comp entry, Effie! Send me your details at: josiegags@optusnet.com.au x

  3. Partner and I feeling deflated,
    Had the kids now over inflated
    but the best things in life are free
    Likes the birds and the Bee(s)
    Gives us the urge
    To splurge!!!

    1. Hey Jim, please send me your address details ASAP at: josiegags@optusnet.com.au

  4. Couples are so stressed these days between work, kids mortgages .Couple's need a little stress relief and if these vitamins help why not make the bedroom exciting again!

  5. My husband and I have a pretty good sex life... but it could be LOTS better. After several kids - too many to count, haha - we need a boost. This could well be it!

  6. Partner and I have a great sex life... but more energy, and feeling even more connected? I am into that!

    VP x