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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Dove Nutri-Oil: Product Talk

I was given the opportunity to sample the new Dove Nutri-Oil serum by the gang at Nuffnang and I thought, why yes... I can do this... With my eyes closed... And a head full of dry hair that is crying out for some TLC.

After all, I was a beauty editor for a glossy mag, and am now beauty correspondent for a renowned lifestyle site.

I was most intrigued by the claim in print ad campaigns that Dove Nutri-Oil was deemed as effective as Moroccan Oil.

And so, I gave it a go.

Nuffnang and the Dove crew were kind enough to send me six - six! - bottles of this liquid gold, and I say this because, well, two weeks on from using it after every hair wash and my hair is soft and manageable and has its lovely bounce back.

These were two self-taken iPhone shots. The one below is still from my iPhone, but taken outside, by my pro photog (aka, I made my husband do it!) hence the difference in hair colour:

The blurb:

Dove Nourishing Oil harnesses the power of oils to transforms dry, rough and frizzy hair into beautifully smooth hair that’s easier to manage and style.

The weightless nourishing oil is enriched with Argan Oil, that penetrates the hair rapidly to deeply nourish, instantly smooth frizz and revitalize shine without weighing down hair.

Here's the stuff you need to know about Dove Nutri-Oil:

  • It's formulated with coconut and sweet almond oil
  • It reduces roughness and frizz by 99%
  • It has a weightless formula, that doesn't leave an oily residue
  • Dove Nutri-Oil is part of a three step system, including Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner
  • The RRP is a teeny $9.99 (which yes, does make it as effective as Moroccan Oil, but is a fraction of the cost).

Do I recommend the product for dry-as-straw, in-need-of-serious-help hair? Absolutely!

Here is the Australian TVC for Dove Nutri-Oil:

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