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Sunday 26 September 2010

Eat Pray Love - the PR machine goes into overdrive

The Julia Roberts film PR machine has well and truly arrived. Talking up the movie Eat Pray Love in which she stars as central character Elizabeth Gilbert (in case you haven't heard, Elizabeth wrote the book based on her own experiences of a marriage breakdown, finding herself, and falling in love again), the magazine covers are spawning worldwide.

She says she is in no rush to lose the weight she gained while filming Eat, Pray, Love because her husband is happy with her curvier figure.

Roberts piled on the pounds while pigging on pasta and pizza on set in Italy, and was sure the extra weight would fall off when the shoot switched to India; but that didn't happen.

"I gained 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) for this movie and I thought I'd hurt myself trying to get my jeans on," Roberts told The Sun newspaper.

"I packed on the weight during the Italy part of the shoot, but then people said, 'Oh, you'll lose it when you film in India.' Somehow I didn't get that memo."

Roberts' husband Danny Moder convinced her that men aren't concerned with how their wives look in the bedroom.

"I believe that guys don't care about what you look like naked," she said.

"Anyway, that's what dimmer switches are for."


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