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Thursday 16 September 2010

Pixie Market - site for quirky pieces

So I parked my car outside Yaffa Publishing today for different meetings in the area and out hopped a very stylish girl wearing this. Of course, I just had to ask where she got it from. And she told me it's from a site called Pixie Market. See: www.pixiemarket.com/store/

I love it when girls share where they picked up awesome stuff from. It's an unwritten rule in the book of the sisterhood that we must divulge this kind of info.

But there are variations to this rule. My closest pal reveals that a skirt she got at chain store Ice gets so many compliments (I was with her when she was asking the 'does this look hot' question in the change room. It did) she tells random strangers it's a designer piece. "Why have them pick up the same fantastic piece I have?"

Fair call there.

So after I asked said fashionable magazine type where she scored this drool-worthy piece, I logged onto said site and saw the weird-but-just-works number (called 'Daydream Nation', it's a thick silver chain with black crochet and white pearls, with an underlayer of fur straps and top layer of black feathers, finished with a metal clasp and a loop for closure) and noticed it was sold out. Ah well.

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