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Wednesday 15 September 2010

Oprah is coming to Australia.... in case you haven't heard! Part two on this $ bonanza

This piece by Paul Colgan from The Punch is a cracker.

The captioning of the Oprah audience pics is my fave part.

This pic above is captioned as "Janice, Margie and June" from Tourism Australia accounts. Clearly losing it. Love.

And here is his piece:

A thank-you note to Oprah from Tourism Australia

Dearest Oprah, can we start by saying: ohmygod ohmygod ohmyGOD.

We can’t thank you enough for getting us out of the little marketing pickle we have found ourselves in ever since the Lara Bingle Where-the-Bloody-Hell-Are-You business (yes, what were we thinking?). For your enjoyment we have enclosed some photos from inside our marketing department from the moment we heard the news that you have decided to shoot your first ever overseas show in Sydney. As you can see, there was quite the excitement.A few more pictures follow. We will of course have a full itinerary ready by the time you arrive but now that we’re locked in there are a few preliminary things you might want to think about that we’ve listed below.

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