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Thursday 2 September 2010

Alex Perry for Diva launch

Last night I went along to the Alex Perry for Diva launch and the whole production was nothing short of fabulous. From the venue to the food to the company... and the star of the show: the Alex Perry for Diva collection. And Mr Perry himself.

I got to fondle all the goodies up close (did I mention I am accessories-obsessed?) and I am really gobsmacked at the quality, range and lovely signature Perry touches all at such a cheap-as-chips price point... while still looking - as Perry says - "expensive". Nothing is over 30 bucks, chaps. Most pieces are $10-$20. Yummy.

Oh, and the competition winner is Ivy who has her own blog called... http://zebraandmeerkat.blogspot.com/
And here is what she wrote to the question "Where you'd wear the Alex Perry for Diva collection":

"I'd wear a nude coloured tutu dress, nude pumps and pretty flowers in my hair! It'd go great with the lovely girly theme of this collection!"

Very cute, Ivy! You clicked 'follow' and I can just see this little get-up with Alex Perry for Diva pieces. You win, honey. Goodies coming your way.


  1. Does Diva shop-n-ship? Would love to order a few pieces online if they do!

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaay! wow, thanks!

  3. You are so welcome, Ivy! Yes, Kerrie: I just checked their site and they seem to ship EVERYWHERE!