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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Selena Gomez in Latina magazine

The October 2010 issue of Latina magazine features huge US teen star Selena Gomez with a six page spread and interview in the magazine.

The article also features the 'Trick or Treat For UNICEF' t-shirt from the Selena Gomez clothing line called 'Dream Out Loud'. Why, of course she has a line of clothing...

Is it just me or are these starlets/entrepreneurs/prodigies getting younger?

Smiley Cyrus is unofficial leader of the pack - girl is a merchandising whiz - and then there is Demi Lovato, the Jonas fratelli, and pretty much most of the Disney alumni (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, et al).

Here is an excerpt from the feature on Selena.

On learning Spanish: “I really need to learn my language. I practice, but I can understand it better than I can speak it. At first I did [think you needed to speak it to be a real Latina] but then I started to see all these people that accepted me regardless of the fact that I didn’t speak it.”

On what she’s really looking for in a guy: “You never really know when you’re in love at this age. I don’t know what love is. I would like someone who is not cool and who is really fun to be around and loves family and has good morals.”

On being proud on not being blonde and blue-eyed: “When I was younger I would say, ‘I wish I were blond and blue-eyed’ because that’s all I saw on TV and because that’s all I would see, that’s all that I thought was beautiful. I know that young girls get that feeling, because I had that feeling. I wouldn’t want any other girl to have that feeling. And if they want to be a singer or an actress or a teacher—I feel like they shouldn’t think that they have to look a certain way.”

On not feeling her age: “I’m 18, but I feel like I’m still 15. I feel very young at heart, and I still want to jump up and down on my bed singing and rocking out.”

But of course you do - YOU ARE 18!

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