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Monday 27 September 2010

Marley & Me - a surprisingly good flick

When I watched Marley & Me a few months ago, I didn't expect to be moved.
I mean, it's a Jennifer Aniston flick. The movie poster shows her looking awesome in shorts. Typical Aniston rom-com, I thought.

But moved I was... we were; my husband had to stifle tears during the closing scenes and so did I. That surpised me because a) I love animals but I am not really 'an animal person'. And b) my husband is wholeheartedly a huge animal person, but crying in movies? Pffft, never!

Well, the movie took us by surprise. It's a sweet, rather realistic view of life and what happens post-wedding (when deciding where to take a holiday, or whether blowing money on a big purchase will leave enough for the mortgage seem the biggest concerns), and post-pregnancy (when the only real worries are the health of your unborn baby and whether you can pull off preggo-jeans and still look hot).

Oh, there are loads of scenes in this movie which ring true. Aniston's character ponders whether to go back to work while dealing with sleep deprivation and a constant conveyor belt of pooey nappies (boy, can I relate to that), and Owen Wilson's character contemplates job satisfaction over a better pay, while bearing in mind his new role as responsible father and breadwinner.

But my fave scene was so wonderful, so accurate, so raw, I just had to watch it again and again. It's when Aniston and Wilson are losing it, arguing over a family matter while battling fatigue, and the disillusionment that comes with groundhog daily day life, when mid-argument Aniston grabs any ol' DVD and shoves it in the DVD player to pacify a crying baby... so she can continue battling it out with hubby. Oh yes people, been there. Haven't we all! Um, haven't you...?

Marley & Me screens tonight on Channel 9, at 8.30pm.

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