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Wednesday 15 September 2010

Sasha Grey - Entourage star and Playboy covergirl

Playboy magazine confirmed a few days ago via Twitter that porn star Sasha Grey will grace the cover of the October 2010 issue of Playboy.

The Playboy Tweet read, "It’s true! “Entourage” star Sasha Grey is our October cover girl, back for her 2nd pictorial."

Hugh Hefner added via Twitter that October will have two covers.

“Playboy has 2 different October covers–one with Sasha Grey & one with Kim Phillips with a college theme,” the Hefster said.

All wonderful news for red-blooded men, but what I can't wait for is to see Sasha Grey playing herself on the HBO series Entourage. Her Entourage character dates Vince, the show's central character played by Adrian Grenier.

Insiders tell me a December screen date for the Australian premiere of season 7 is likely (on Foxtel and AUSTAR'S Arena channel) and I am, well, gagging for it.

I've seen Sasha's work onscreen before and I like it. I'm not specifically talking about her porno collection (although I may have seen one of those); I refer to her Hollywood, clothed debut in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experence.

After seeing that flick, I interviewed her for Cream magazine - and you can read that here: https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEj6K5zv1l0i7H6uD_d3gJzpVn3gApRd0NTiu6nEOF7-tp816EW1I8OBVaN-JTAtNW5pDWGhaG8FHNutPm_5xbrjShaL76-Y5Net6F1VadJ9X4VIQ042uRl0uaR3pVFL-dzXaD9MkWST-x4/s1600/032-33+Folio+Sasha+Grey+(2).jpg - and I was quite impressed with her acting ability and depth of emotions, although not everyone is a fan. Of her acting in Entourage, already screening in the US, Chelsea Lately comedienne Heather McDonald said: "Sasha Grey on Entourage is so bad she is making all porn stars look like that (sic) can't act."

Grey's been, er, hard at it for years, balancing a career in hardcore pornography with increasing crossovers into mainstream media, actually collecting adult entertainment industry awards in the same year of her breakthrough performance in The Girlfriend Experence and other crossover projects. The question is: will those familiar with her explicit skin flicks be able to look past that and see her as a TV character, even though she is playing herself on the show.

Impressively, Grey is a writer, model, musician, director, actress, and, not forgetting, one of the most hardcore performers the porn industry has ever seen.

Even Entourage's Vincent Chase can't cope; he balks when his TV girlfriend Sasha shoots a new porn feature, and is said to go off the rails.

Roll on December.

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